• Profiles

    The Edify Kids inspires students to cultivate the following 30 profiles in 3C Education. Its focuses on the following:

    • Character
    • Competence
    • Content

    Character: Confidence, vivacity, and cheerfulness are the most important traits within and can be developed by Edify schools by being generous with praise. Edify schools inspire students to cultivate the following 12 profiles: independent, balanced, responsible, honest, confident, tolerant, courageous, committed, enthusiastic, respectful, self-esteemed and empathetic to enable children to grow into contributing citizens leading a wholesome life.

    Competence: Developing competence is developing skills. A competent person will always reach greater heights in life both personally and professionally. The competencies that are consciously dealt with through the transaction are to be innovative, diligent, communicative, leader, adaptable, planner, assertive, passionate, perseverant, problem-solvers, objects oriented and risk taker.

    Content: The knowledge in 3C is not gained through books only, it is also gained through the process where research which plays a key role in the development of the children. 3C encompasses a range of transdisciplinary themes with the common thread of ‘What I Know’, ‘What I want to know’, How do I learn and ‘What I learned’ to ensure children become reflective and learning becomes insightful..

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